Speeding Tickets

A ticket is enough to ruin anyone’s day, especially a speeding ticket that could end up costing a ton of time and hundreds of dollars or more to deal with. In many cases, people simply assume that there’s nothing they can do about the ticket and that it’s better to just go ahead and deal with the consequences. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instead of just paying the ticket, it’s important to understand the full impact it can have and consider working with an attorney. GERSHMAN LAW FIRMwill be able to help in numerous ways and can help get the ticket reduced or, in some cases, dismissed completely.


What Will a Speeding Ticket Cost?

To understand the cost of a speeding ticket, it’s important to look at more than just the fines. The fines will vary based on the rate of speed the driver was doing compared to the speed limit for the road. The higher the speed, the more expensive the fine will be. On top of that, there are surcharges that can be automatically applied, adding more to the cost of the ticket.

Long-term, the ticket can cost the driver quite a bit of money in increased insurance costs. Along with that, there are points that will go on the driver’s license. If enough of these accumulate, the driver’s license will be suspended, which means the driver will need to find alternate modes of transportation. That could get expensive fast or, if they cannot afford an alternate means of transportation, end up costing them their job.

Reduce Charge to a non-moving violation

GERSHMAN LAW FIRM will work to reduce the charge or have it dismissed to a non- moving. This can help the driver save a significant amount of money and may help them avoid a suspended license. If the ticket is dismissed the fines will be significantly lower and the driver won’t have to worry about points on their license.

Avoid Points on Driver’s License

Points can add up quickly, with most speeding tickets being punishable by multiple points at a time. Even if the driver has only received one ticket, if the ticket is for a high enough speed, it could reach the threshold that will mean a suspended driver’s license. While the points do disappear after a period of time, if the driver receives multiple tickets within a short period of time, they could have their license suspended. Driving on a suspended license could lead to jail time as well as further fines and other penalties.

Avoid Multiple Court Hearings

In most cases, drivers who want to fight a ticket will need to go to multiple court hearings, which means they’ll need to take time off work, wait at the court for their case to be heard, and then hope they get the desired outcome. When the driver works with an attorney however, the driver does not have to go to court. Our Attorneys will handle the court cases and let the driver know what the outcome will be. Drivers can save a significant amount of time this way.

Prevent an Increase in Insurance Costs

Insurance companies are alerted when drivers receive a ticket, as it puts them at a higher risk of being in an accident. As a result, the driver’s insurance costs will increase, and this increase can be significant if it’s not the driver’s first ticket. By hiring an attorney, the driver can avoid having the insurance costs increase, saving them money in the long run.

Altogether, the cost of a speeding ticket can quickly get into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars range. Yet, there are ways to reduce the potential fines and other penalties after obtaining a speeding ticket. If you have recently received a speeding ticket, call or email GERSHMAN LAW FIRM today. Our Attorneys can provide advice on how to move forward and represent you in court, helping you get the ticket reduced or dismissed.


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